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Together, we’ll create a specific plan to accomplish your Medicare goals.

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Enrolling in the best Medicare plan based on your needs and budget, while avoiding costly enrollment penalties and coverage delays.

Book Your Initial Review

Meet with our team of experts so we can assess your specific needs and help build you a tailored plan.

Create Your Medicare Timeline

Together, we’ll create a customized plan that fits your budget and accomplishes your Medicare goals.

Successfully Enroll

Enroll in your best Medicare plan, while avoiding costly enrollment penalties and coverage delays.

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Enrollment Penalties

Postponing enrollment can leave you at risk for penalties and decline of coverage in the future.

Coverage Delays

Gain peace of mind knowing your healthcare needs are securely addressed. Enroll in Medicare today and avoid unnecessary coverage delays.

Losing Guaranteed-Issue Rights

Protect your guaranteed-issue rights for Medicare by staying informed and taking timely action to avoid potential loss.

Let Brian Scott Insurance Help!

If you have any questions about Medicare, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Brian Penner has been helping seniors for 18 years with their Medicare enrollment options.

Industry News

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Trusting An Experienced Insurance Agent for Your Medicare Needs: Why Brian Penner is Your Go-To Expert

November 11, 20233 min read

“I felt like I was slammed into a plan that really doesn't meet my needs. I am not even sure if that insurance agent lived in the United States. I need someone I can trust. Not really sure if my doctors are in network or if my medications are covered.”

If the above statement sounds familiar, you need to contact

Brian Penner

Navigating the complex world of Medicare insurance can be overwhelming. With a plethora of information from various sources, including TV ads, YouTube celebrities, and local agents, it's challenging to discern what's best for your unique needs. That's where the expertise of a local insurance agent becomes invaluable, particularly when it's someone as reputable as Brian Penner

Brian Penner

Unmatched Local Expertise

Brian Penner, boasting over 87 five-star reviews, stands out as a beacon of reliability and personalized service in the realm of Medicare insurance. Choosing an agent like Brian means you're not just another number. You're an individual with specific medical, day-to-day, and financial considerations. Brian's commitment to understanding these unique aspects of your life ensures you receive guidance tailored to your specific needs.

The Balance Between Personalized Care and Diverse Options

In an era where some agents exclusively push Medicare Advantage plans or Medicare Supplements, Brian's approach is refreshingly balanced. He understands that everyone's health care needs, lifestyle requirements, and financial situations are diverse. This comprehensive understanding allows him to navigate between different plans, ensuring you get a solution that aligns with your personal circumstances.

Year After Year Consistency

One of the most significant advantages of working with Brian Penner is the consistency of service. Medicare needs can change year after year, and having a dedicated agent who understands your history and future needs is invaluable. Brian's commitment to serving his clients over the long term means he's there for you, adapting and responding to your evolving needs.

Beyond the Sales Pitch: Understanding Your Needs

While TV ads and online personalities might offer appealing pitches, they often lack the personalized understanding that a local agent like Brian can provide. Your health isn't a one-size-fits-all situation. Brian Penner recognizes this and works diligently to ensure that your Medicare plan is as individual as you are.

Easy Access and Convenience

Understanding the busy lives of his clients, Brian offers flexible contact options. You can reach him at 435-260-5156 for a more personal touch, or if you prefer the convenience of digital scheduling, booking an appointment online is just a few clicks away.



In conclusion, when it comes to Medicare insurance, the truth indeed lies somewhere in between the flashy TV ads and the generic online advice. It's in the personalized, attentive, and expert service provided by local agents like Brian Penner. With Brian, you're not just choosing a Medicare plan; you're choosing a partner who will understand and cater to your evolving needs year after year. Contact him today and experience the difference a dedicated local expert can make in navigating your Medicare choices. Browse new 2024 Medicare insurance plans here.

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Brian Penner

Insurance Broker

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Moab, UT

Located Inside:

Central Utah Insurance Agency

880 S Main St

Moab, UT 84532

Grand Junction, CO

Located Inside:

Western Colorado Wealth Management Consultants

627 24 1/2 Road UNIT H

Grand Junction, CO 81505

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