Most Dental Insurance Sucks!

Not ours!

Over the years we have had a hard time recomending a great dental plans because quite honestly, there wasn't one. They mostly sucked or were just average at best.

You may have a decent one included with your employer plan or included wiht your Medicare Advantage Plan. We aren't talking about those.

The stand alone dental insurance plans we have seeen have a high premium in relation to the actual benefit that would be paid out.

Not ours! We have a plans with no annual max pay out limits and that are reasonallby priced.

Same day coverage, meaning, if you apply today, you can use it today. No deductible ever, no wait perirods on preventative and basic, 12 month wait period on major services.

Family pricing available.

Call or text 970-840-0420 for information.

🦷 See Pricing And Dental Plans

🦷 Preventive benefits

Start immediately

This coverage pays 100% for over 40 preventive services right away when you stay in network.

Covered preventive services include:


Routine and comprehensive exams

Dental X-rays

Professional dental cleanings and more

🦷 Basic benefits

Start immediately

Helps pay your bills for over 130 basic dental services.

Covered basic services include:

Fillings for cavities

Minor oral surgery procedures and sedation

Repair or replacement of denture clasp

Simple tooth extractions and more

🦷 Major benefits

Start after 12 months

When you need expensive treatment, you can collect benefits for over 270 major services.

Covered major services include:

Root canals and crowns

Artificial teeth used in bridges

Partial & full denturesSurgical tooth extractions

Adding a tooth to an existing partial denture and more.

Don't Get Stuck In A Limited Benefit Dental Plan

Just Call Us Today, Get Coverage Today


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